Do you feel like this?  There may be help for you yet.  “Yeeesss My Precious” Source: Gollum suffers the pitfalls of becoming a world-wide cultural phenomenon! “What up, Precious!” » Mordor ~ The Land of [More]
For Weight Gain and Menopause – Engage in Mindful Eating Too many of us will use food as a means of helping us deal with stress. Some people eat without even realizing what it is [More]
Stress Management Is Key to Handling the Emotional Impact of Menopause Millions of women are caught in the vicious cycle of stress and hormone imbalance with no idea how to escape. External stress causes hormone [More]
Aging and Menopause Dr. Doris Taylor explains how stress affects stem cells and how that affects inflammation which adds to the aging process. Interview with Dr. Mache Seibel – “women are superior” Can stem cell [More]
This film HOT FLASH HAVOC is for those women that can’t understand why in their 40’s they are depressed, losing their sex drive, putting on weight, having trouble in their marriage, happy one moment and [More]
Nanna talks about HOT FLASHES. What they feel like, what I have tried to deal with it, what it looks like on me. I talk about how it embarrassses me and true tales of hot [More]
Memory loss? Hot flashes? Rage? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you “may” have Menopause… Is this your mother? Is this your girlfriend? Is this your wife? Is this your nightmare? Memory [More]
Rap music for a whole new generation…
Menopause is Hormone Hell. When doctors measure hormone levels in perimenopause, the years just before the periods finally stop; they find that the levels can change markedly from day to day. This can leave women [More]
Hot Flashes for Men? Source: Funny If Men Had Hot Flashes Cartoon | Menopause Relief | Pinterest
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